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You’ve Changed his Life, and Ours, for the Better

Dr. Kim, you've made a huge difference in my kid's life.

Two years ago, in 1st grade, my child was reading far behind grade level - at a reading level B or C. Reading exhausted him, caused headaches, and was barely possible.

Two weeks ago, he startled us by bringing home The Penderwicks from the library. It's a level Q chapter book - appropriate for grades 3-7 and well above his "just right" reading level. It's a serious challenge for him. He's been reading it out loud to us, and it's slow going and he struggles. He's been so proud to do it though. He's so proud that he insisted on writing thank you notes to each of you, with a picture of him reading it, so you can see how far he's come. If you haven't gotten yours yet, watch for it: it's on the way.

It's been such slow going, reading this book, that he hadn't finished the first chapter by the time it was due back at the library. Yesterday, he came home from school and proudly announced that he's renewed it and meant to keep going. The patience he's showing astounds us and we're just grateful that somehow he was born that way. The confidence he's showing is due to you.

You sat in IEP meetings. They made a difference. You identified his challenges. It helped us seek out solutions. You supported his hard work to adjust his crazy vision. Now his eye work more like normal eyes. You were patient. You encouraged him. Now he can read.

You've changed his life, and ours, for the better. Drastically. Thank you.


- GV