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Wonderful Experience with Visualeyes Optometry

We have had a wonderful experience with Visualeyes Optometry as a family. First and most importantly, our 9 year old son really enjoyed the experience. The way the staff made all of the activities feel like games was really important to helping him have a good attitude toward the program. The homework felt like the right balance between computer-based games and challenging but fun kinesthetic activities that could be done right in our living room. We have seen tremendous growth and progress in our son's visual tracking ability, as well as a significant decrease in reversals. This has helped him in both reading (our original concern) and sports (a nice bonus benefit). As parents, it was really great that the staff took the time to explain things to us and discuss our son's progress along the way. They were always great about explaining the process and the activities whenever we inquired. We felt really comfortable with the program that was developed for our son and felt like we understood how to best support at home. Overall it was a great experience with really great results!