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Started Seeing Improvement in Weeks

As a cautious and scaredy cat pint size adult, I never imagined a concussion could happen to me. In a split second my life was on hold. I couldn't drive (or even be a passenger), couldn't handle working as an RN, and couldn't go out anything with bright fluorescent lights (which by the way is everywhere). I couldn't read or do anything that was once a normal part of life, like going outside to grab the mail. My MD sent me to physical therapy but nothing was getting better. I still enclosed myself in a dark/dim room for weeks at a time which lead to emotional anger/depression. After six month of feeling hopeless, I met an angel named Dr. Susan Kim. I started seeing her since January 2019 and started seeing improvements in weeks (with hard work!). There is nothing too small or too big for Dr. Kim and she will work with you (with the bonus of being your personal cheerleader and supporter). I am now driving, working (short hours), and reading/writing! I am slowly getting my life back!! Thank you Visualeyes Optometry!!

- AY