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Look forward to the Weekly Meetings

My grandson has been in Vision Therapy for about 9 months.

I can't believe the differences I have seen in him, now that he can see with both of his eyes. He was not focusing properly, even with glasses, and I didn't know it. It was not until we had him tested for reading problems that the eye problem was exposed. During one of the tests, he mentioned that the sentence he was reading looking like just one long word. His Mom immediately started investigating eye problems, looking for an eye specialist that had the knowledge to treat his problems, and found Visualeyes Optometry.

Since he has been in therapy, he has blossomed into an outgoing, social kid. His grades have vastly improved and he actually likes to read now. Reading was such a problem for him and his teacher even thought he may have attention problems. The only thing wrong was he was not able to see properly.

His social skills have accelerated, he is outgoing, confident in himself, has grown into quite a happy and well-adjusted boy. He loves his contact lenses, had no problems adjusting to them and now wants to wear only them every day. His skills in physical education have far succeeded what even he thought he could do. I'm sure this is due to the face that he can see so well.

There have been so many improvements in his world, and I owe that all to Dr. Kim and her commitment to helping him see better. He looks forward to their weekly meeting and has told me he doesn't want to ever stop going to therapy. He loves the entire staff at Visualeyes.

Thank you so very much for giving my grandson a second chance with his eyesight.

- SA