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Dr. Kim’s Therapy Has Significantly Improved My Life

Dr. Kim and VE Optometry were amazing and truly changed my life. I've struggled with terrible computer eyestrain for the last seven years, and as a college student it was extremely difficult to study. My vision problems made me feel tired and awkward, and I was unable to concentrate.

After years of inconclusive doctor visits, Dr. Kim was able to diagnose my accommodative and convergence insufficiencies. Following my diagnosis, I underwent vision therapy to correct my problems. Dr. Kim provided me with a specialized program and a variety of exercises that have dramatically improved my visual system and my daily life. I can finally think clearly and concentrate. I also have much more energy and no longer feel awkward.

Besides providing me with the latest technology and exceptional service, Dr. Kim and her staff at VE Optometry were incredibly friendly and fun to be around. Usually I dread doctor visits, but I actually enjoyed my vision therapy sessions. Dr. Kim's therapy has significantly improved my life, and I highly recommend VE Optometry.

- Jeff P. - Google Review