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These Seemingly Small Changes Translated into Enormous Gains

We take for granted the roll of sight in development of social, physical, emotional development. When vision is impaired, socialization and understanding what is required of may not make "sense" to a kid. They may in fact be labeled weird, or even inaccurately diagnosed, when the remedy was an issue of sight and not a cognitive or social issue after all.

Our child’s maturity has increased over the course of her 1 year Vision Therapy sessions with Dr. Susan Kim and her amazing staff. When she first started here, she would hide under the desks, and regress to toddler like behaviors. When she would decide to leave the cover of the desk, she would interact perhaps awkwardly, in a stand back way watching the response of the technicians and other children in the therapy space before she engaged further.

Once she engaged further, she may not have been sure of the right behavior or words, and often one can see the "immaturity" but the fact that she was given permission to observe and evaluate the appropriateness of her response was encouraging and told us as parents that this was the right center for her Binocular Vision Therapy. The staff accepted her and each session she had with them we saw improvement.

The “play” with the toys in the treatment room has also matured. Her imagination (Theta) was overpoweringly dominant at the onset, however, by the end of her treatment program, her verbal and physical play matured drastically to age appropriate levels.

Prior to Vision Therapy, she would push back emotionally and refuse to do work or check out daydreaming. What they were asking her to do was very difficult for her considering her Binocular Dysfunction, inability to focus, double vision, blur vision, depth perception issues which caused dizziness, nausea, and low confidence. It was never that she could not understand content, it was that her ability to keep track of that content as it changed was nearly impossible. She would go on overload and her understanding of what was being required was not a linear processing as is required in the classroom setting.

These may seem like small changes, however they are happening because the neuronal pathways are changing and new neuronal growth I suspect has happened. These seemingly small changes translated into enormous gains:

  • Her language skills have improved. Better flow and level of descriptive words.
  • Her ability to keep up academically in a school setting where things are moving faster have also improved beyond measure.
  • Her confidence has skyrocketed.
  • Her social life has been transformed. She is now “popular” and sought after for play dates, when once she was labeled weird and teased.
  • Her coordination has increased 10 fold.
  • Her depth perception issues have disappeared.
  • Her reading level went from 2nd grade to 9th grade. She has just started 7thgrade.
  • Her mathematic strengths are finally showing up in her “grades” and it is spilling over into her skills in science.
  • Her emotional resilience has improved and she rarely breaks down in crying fits.
  • Improvement in AD/HD related issues.
  • She can drown out distractions and focus on tasks better than ever.
  • Improved attention & flexibility.
  • Her anxiety has reduced.

Anxiety is prevalent when stress enters the picture. Stress becomes more intense when children in learning situations have difficulty due to their need to find their own method after observing that the 'required" method is less effective for them. The longer you wait, the more crippling the anxiety becomes in your child. I wish we would have discovered this sooner.

With attention you want flexibility so that one can choose and implement a range of attention types or styles. When our child first began her sessions here, she did not have access yet to the flexibility required to understand and choose a type of attention shifting that was being asked of her. It happens, it takes time, and Visualeyes has the tools to make it possible for your child if you stick with it. Be religious in having your child execute the online classes and once weekly in office sessions.


- SW

Wonderful Experience with Visualeyes Optometry

We have had a wonderful experience with Visualeyes Optometry as a family. First and most importantly, our 9 year old son really enjoyed the experience. The way the staff made all of the activities feel like games was really important to helping him have a good attitude toward the program. The homework felt like the right balance between computer-based games and challenging but fun kinesthetic activities that could be done right in our living room. We have seen tremendous growth and progress in our son's visual tracking ability, as well as a significant decrease in reversals. This has helped him in both reading (our original concern) and sports (a nice bonus benefit). As parents, it was really great that the staff took the time to explain things to us and discuss our son's progress along the way. They were always great about explaining the process and the activities whenever we inquired. We felt really comfortable with the program that was developed for our son and felt like we understood how to best support at home. Overall it was a great experience with really great results!


You’ve Changed his Life, and Ours, for the Better

Dr. Kim, you've made a huge difference in my kid's life.

Two years ago, in 1st grade, my child was reading far behind grade level - at a reading level B or C. Reading exhausted him, caused headaches, and was barely possible.

Two weeks ago, he startled us by bringing home The Penderwicks from the library. It's a level Q chapter book - appropriate for grades 3-7 and well above his "just right" reading level. It's a serious challenge for him. He's been reading it out loud to us, and it's slow going and he struggles. He's been so proud to do it though. He's so proud that he insisted on writing thank you notes to each of you, with a picture of him reading it, so you can see how far he's come. If you haven't gotten yours yet, watch for it: it's on the way.

It's been such slow going, reading this book, that he hadn't finished the first chapter by the time it was due back at the library. Yesterday, he came home from school and proudly announced that he's renewed it and meant to keep going. The patience he's showing astounds us and we're just grateful that somehow he was born that way. The confidence he's showing is due to you.

You sat in IEP meetings. They made a difference. You identified his challenges. It helped us seek out solutions. You supported his hard work to adjust his crazy vision. Now his eye work more like normal eyes. You were patient. You encouraged him. Now he can read.

You've changed his life, and ours, for the better. Drastically. Thank you.


- GV

Started Seeing Improvement in Weeks

As a cautious and scaredy cat pint size adult, I never imagined a concussion could happen to me. In a split second my life was on hold. I couldn't drive (or even be a passenger), couldn't handle working as an RN, and couldn't go out anything with bright fluorescent lights (which by the way is everywhere). I couldn't read or do anything that was once a normal part of life, like going outside to grab the mail. My MD sent me to physical therapy but nothing was getting better. I still enclosed myself in a dark/dim room for weeks at a time which lead to emotional anger/depression. After six month of feeling hopeless, I met an angel named Dr. Susan Kim. I started seeing her since January 2019 and started seeing improvements in weeks (with hard work!). There is nothing too small or too big for Dr. Kim and she will work with you (with the bonus of being your personal cheerleader and supporter). I am now driving, working (short hours), and reading/writing! I am slowly getting my life back!! Thank you Visualeyes Optometry!!

- AY

Dr. Kim’s Therapy Has Significantly Improved My Life


Dr. Kim and VE Optometry were amazing and truly changed my life. I've struggled with terrible computer eyestrain for the last seven years, and as a college student it was extremely difficult to study. My vision problems made me feel tired and awkward, and I was unable to concentrate.

After years of inconclusive doctor visits, Dr. Kim was able to diagnose my accommodative and convergence insufficiencies. Following my diagnosis, I underwent vision therapy to correct my problems. Dr. Kim provided me with a specialized program and a variety of exercises that have dramatically improved my visual system and my daily life. I can finally think clearly and concentrate. I also have much more energy and no longer feel awkward.

Besides providing me with the latest technology and exceptional service, Dr. Kim and her staff at VE Optometry were incredibly friendly and fun to be around. Usually I dread doctor visits, but I actually enjoyed my vision therapy sessions. Dr. Kim's therapy has significantly improved my life, and I highly recommend VE Optometry.

- Jeff P. - Google Review

Look forward to the Weekly Meetings

My grandson has been in Vision Therapy for about 9 months.

I can't believe the differences I have seen in him, now that he can see with both of his eyes. He was not focusing properly, even with glasses, and I didn't know it. It was not until we had him tested for reading problems that the eye problem was exposed. During one of the tests, he mentioned that the sentence he was reading looking like just one long word. His Mom immediately started investigating eye problems, looking for an eye specialist that had the knowledge to treat his problems, and found Visualeyes Optometry.

Since he has been in therapy, he has blossomed into an outgoing, social kid. His grades have vastly improved and he actually likes to read now. Reading was such a problem for him and his teacher even thought he may have attention problems. The only thing wrong was he was not able to see properly.

His social skills have accelerated, he is outgoing, confident in himself, has grown into quite a happy and well-adjusted boy. He loves his contact lenses, had no problems adjusting to them and now wants to wear only them every day. His skills in physical education have far succeeded what even he thought he could do. I'm sure this is due to the face that he can see so well.

There have been so many improvements in his world, and I owe that all to Dr. Kim and her commitment to helping him see better. He looks forward to their weekly meeting and has told me he doesn't want to ever stop going to therapy. He loves the entire staff at Visualeyes.

Thank you so very much for giving my grandson a second chance with his eyesight.

- SA

More Confidence in Himself

I underestimated the impact that vision therapy would have on my son. I expected him to be able to read smoother (out loud), to be able to read for longer periods, and perhaps play sports better. With Vision Therapy, he not only achieved these tasks above, but he himself has also admitted that he can do these things. All throughout the therapy sessions, he didn't realize its benefit until it was time to have the opportunity to tell his story. When asked about three things he feels he has improved on, he said "I can read small print, I can read better, and I spar better! (in his kickboxing class)". I am grateful that Vision Therapy has given him more confidence in himself. Thank you Dr. Kim!

- MY

Transformative Process

My 10 year old daughter had complained for years about how she disliked sports, was too tired to read and about how difficult her school work was becoming. All of this seemed normal and certainly nothing to seek medical attention over. Only when we did the specialized vision testing and therapy did we see the change. In months my daughter completed a years worth of math and is a reading machine. She has more confidence with sports and tells me her "eyes work better". It has been a transformative process and I highly recommend Vision Therapy for every individual. You never know what they will find. It's your vision for goodness sake!

- SC

The Improvement has been Tremendous

During our first visit with Dr. Kim, we were very surprised to observe how poorly our son was able to see with his non-dominant eye. It was upsetting to learn that he struggled to process images with that eye, as he had not exhibited any of the typical struggles often seen in patients with poor visual function. However, since starting Vision Therapy, the improvement in his vision has been tremendous. Together with corrective lenses, the Vision Therapy has helped bring his non-dominant eye to near-normal vision, and we are confident that it will contribute to his future success in school, sports and daily activities!

- KG

Headaches went Away

I experienced many changes after the first few sessions. I was already improving in my reading comprehension and my headaches went away. It was very nice being able to negotiate the amount of work I had outside of appointments because of my busy schedule. The overall experience was great and everyone was so invested in helping me achieve my goals.

- AS

Better Control of Eyes and Improved Distance Vision

Before Visualeyes I would constantly lose my place when reading and would have a harder time reading out loud. Now, not only am I able to read out loud more confidently and not lose my place when reading, but I have better control of my eyes and improved distance vision. Thank you so much!

- CC

Couldn’t be Happier

My son improved from a kindergarten reading level to a 2nd grade reading level in about 7 months time. His self-esteem improved as well and for the first time he read aloud in class. We truly couldn't be happier.

- DL

Well Worth It!

My son is more confident in reading and writing after doing Vision Therapy. Previously, he struggled with even basic reading skills, even after working with a reading tutor every month. We are very pleased with the results of therapy. It has been a big commitment of time and effort, but well worth it!

- JR

Great Optometry Office


Great optometry office. Dr. Fisher is wonderful and very sweet. It was my first visit with her but I have seen the other Doctors there as well. The office staff was very helpful as always in picking out new frames. I needed new prescription sunglasses and I was able to find some really cute ones. Great selection and easy process.

- Diana R. - Google